<p>Speech review and editing service</p>

Speech review and editing service

It’s not easy writing a speech. You have to invest so much of your time and effort putting it all together. And the longer you work on it, the harder it is to be objective about it…

The hardest thing is dispassionately cutting material that you’ve spent so much time working on. That’s why it helps to get a second opinion; an objective opinion.

Editing your speech – kill your darlings

Even at a very late stage in the writing process, I can still help you make some significant improvements to your speech.

Sometimes you’ll just need the reassurance that what you’ve written is as compelling as it can be. Sometimes it’ll take a bit of editing and a fresh perspective to ensure your speech does what you want it to.

What many speeches need, more than anything, is a bit of tightening up. A spot of editing. Maybe a few new lines here and there. And a critical eye to make sure it all flows.

An objective review of your speech

As an alternative to revising and editing your speech, you can ask me to review your speech.

I won’t make any changes. But I will give you an objective critique, together with an appraisal of what works well, and what if anything, might benefit from a bit of tweaking.

Helping you make your speeches better

Using a speech review and editing service is like a test run for your speech. Before you even get up in front of an audience you’ll know you’ve got a speech that works. A speech that amuses, informs and entertains within a perfect seven and a half minute package that’ll leave your audience wanting more.

Reviewing and editing your speech

Give me a call on 07960 459081 or contact me and tell me about your speech. It might need an edit, or a fresh approach; it might not. Either way, you’ll get the added reassurance of a second opinion and an objective point of view.

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