<p>Social speeches</p>

Social speeches

Today’s audiences are a pretty sophisticated lot. They can sniff out a cut-and-paste wedding speech a mile off. Instead, you’ve got to give them a rich mix of humour and pathos, with a hint of well-meaning fun…

Your audience loves you!

Never forget – your audience is on your side. They want you to entertain them. And it’s a whole lot easier when you know you’ve got a great birthday or wedding speech to work with. When you know you’re going to hit all the right beats, nail all the best jokes, and thank all the right people.

Win your audience over fast

Speeches that are fun and from the heart

Whatever the occasion, the single most important requirement for your speech is warmth. You can be as frivolous, cutting, or close-to-the-bone as you like, so long as your heart is most definitely in the right place.

A bit of gentle ribbing may be par for the course, but remember, it’s a speech, not a roast.

The wedding speech rules

If you’re the Groom, you don’t have to demonize your Mother-in-Law, but you do have to talk about your wife. A lot!

Your role as father of the bride, groom, or best man comes with a whole host of responsibilities. I can help you tick off all the boxes your wedding speech needs to tick. And keep people hanging on every word.

Speeches for all sorts of social occasions

As well as wedding speeches, I’ve been asked to help with birthday speeches, anniversary speeches, and even acceptance speeches.

If you’ve got a big occasion coming up and you’d like a speech to do it justice, give me a call on 07960 459081 or drop me a line.

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