<p>Last minute speech writing</p>

Last minute speech writing

I sometimes get asked, “Can you write me an eleventh hour or last minute speech?”

Other work permitting, I’ll always try to say yes.

Whoosh – there goes my deadline!

Writing anything to a deadline is tough, and speeches carry an extra weight of responsibility. Partly that’s because speech writing is such an unfamiliar discipline. Partly it’s because once you’ve polished your speech, you still have to think about delivering it. In public. To a roomful of people. And that’s when the creeping sense of dread slithers up your neck and sends chills down your spine.

No wonder the job gets tends to get pushed back until the final few fretful days.

Write me a last minute speech – now!

Chances are, you could write a very good speech. If you had the time. But time flies. Douglas Adams famously said, “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

So, providing you’re not actually calling from the podium or top table, we’ll try and work something out.

“I need a speech… and make it snappy.”

When you need a last minute speech, call me on 0115 8284986 so we can talk through your requirements straightaway. I can’t guarantee I can get it done – that’ll depend on other commitments – but there’s a good chance I’ll be able to help you.

The eleventh hour speechwriting process will necessarily be a bit different. Just how different will depend on how much of a hurry you’re in!

If there are scant days until the speech is going to be delivered then I may not have the time to do the sort of research I’d normally like. But that shouldn’t be a problem if you can give me a guide to the main points you want to cover, complete with the information I need.

“Can you rewrite my speech for me?”

You might already have a speech prepared. But if it doesn’t quite sound right, I can take another look at it for you. With a few nips, tucks and tweaks, I can make your speech easier on the ear – and crucially for you – easier to deliver.

Speechwriting in a hurry

You’re in a hurry. So give me a call on 07960 459081 and we'll get things started.

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