<p>Product Launch Speeches</p>

Product Launch Speeches

If you really want to generate a bit of a buzz about your new thingamajig, then a product launch speech is a great way to do it. A good product launch speech can energise and enthuse an audience like nothing else. But the reverse also holds: product launches can be deathly dull affairs.

Keep your prospective customers interested. Make them care…

Write your product launch speech for the right audience

Although you’ll certainly be proud of your new product, you’ll need to ensure that all of its benefits, and enhancements are 100% customer-focused. So you just have to take all your enthusiasm for your new product or service and focus it through the needs of your audience. In other words, give them all the reasons they need to be enthusiastic about your new product too.

The pragmatic product launch speech

Be pragmatic about your product launch speech. It doesn’t matter how interesting or funny or creative it is; if it doesn’t intrigues your prospective audience, it isn’t a good product launch speech.

Make your speech explicitly about your audience. Never mind the time you’ve invested in development; what about the time savings they’ll enjoy. Disregard the money you’ve ploughed into it, talk about the savings it’ll generate on their behalf. And so on.

Tantalise your audience

You have to tease. Tantalise. Always leave your audience wanting more.

Don’t try and tell them everything. Hint at things. Leave some intriguing questions un-answered.

If your prospective customers go away eager to check out your website, or intent on giving you a call to find out more, you’ve done a good job.

Tell the story

A successful product launch speech will always paint an effective picture of living life with your new product. That’s obviously easier with lifestyle products, but it holds true for the most rudimentary nuts-and-bolts type products too.

That’s the ultimate aim of every product launch speech. If customers can already envision the future you’re painting, then you’re halfway to making your sale.

Help writing a product launch speech

I’m happy to help you get your new product off to a great start in life! You can call me on 07960 459081 to talk through some ideas, or email me at cplomas@hotmail.co.uk.

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