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Keynote Speeches

Great keynote speeches can inspire, challenge and motivate audiences.

As keynote speaker, it’ll be your job to make your audience feel like an important part of the event. To help them feel like they’re emotionally involved.

Get it right and you’ll set the optimal tone and expectations for any speaker and every event.

Keynote speeches can be fun!

If you’re going to be writing or delivering a keynote speech, enjoy it. Because if you can impart some genuine enthusiasm for the event or for the next speaker, it’ll rub off on the audience.

Keynote speeches can actually be a lot of fun to deliver. Particularly if you can get the audience on your side.

That might mean involving the audience – speaking to them, not at them. It might mean going a little ‘off-piste’ – improvising every now and then to keep things feeling fresh and natural.

I’ve seen great keynote speakers build up little relationships with people in the audience. It helps break down barriers and make the whole event feel so much more inclusive.

What is your keynote speech supposed to do?

If you’re going to be standing up and delivering a keynote, make sure you know exactly what you’re expected to deliver.

You’ll need to think about what your organisation and your audience expect. And about what they need to know.

If there are some key takeaways from the event, then you can seed these into your keynote speech too.

Establish some ground rules before you start preparing your keynote speech:

Writing keynote speeches

Set your ground rules, then think about your audience. What do you know about them? What can you surmise about the likely mood of the room (based on the state of the economy / company / industry)?

You can work through this process yourself. Or get help from a professional keynote speechwriter. Either way, it’ll help you set the right context.

Remember above all, that you have to entertain. Use humour to introduce speakers. It’ll help the audience warm to them more quickly.

Think about the language you’re using. Remember that keynote speeches need to be inspirational in some way.

Keep asking questions of your audience. Challenge them. Make it as collaborative as possible.

Reiterate your key takeaways so that positive message stick.

And if you need any help, just give me a call on 07960 459081 or email me at cplomas@hotmail.co.uk.

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