<p>Conference opening speeches</p>

Conference opening speeches

The audience is here. The speakers are all primed to get up and deliver the best speech of their lives – and somehow you have to kick it all off in just the right way.

It’s not an easy job. But someone’s got to do it.

Don’t worry. You can pick up some suggestions on how to write a great opening speech below. And if you need any more ideas, or a bit of help getting your conference opening speech together, let me know.

A good conference opening speech is:

An opportunity to reassure the audience that this event is going to be worth their while. So inspire them. Hint at some takeaways that’ll make the day valuable. Intrigue them with some questions you know will be addressed during the day.

A good conference speech isn’t:

An itinerary. Attendees don’t need a list of what’s coming up. Although you will need a good sense of what your speakers are going to talk about. That’ll help you give some necessary context to your opening. Armed with this knowledge you can build anticipation and prime the audience for some of what they’re going to hear.

What good is a conference opening speech without closing remarks?

A conference opening speech sets the tone. It will help you get your conference off to the best possible start. But that’s only half the job. Because if you can bring it all full circle with a conference closing speech, that’ll make the whole event feel like a more cohesive event.

It’s surprising what a difference the right kind of closing remarks can have on an audience. A timely reminder of a funny incident, or a powerful message now can really make all the difference to the mood of each and every attendee.

Don’t waste your opportunity to reinforce some key messages. Make sure your audience leaves happy. These are the impressions that will stay with your audience as they say their goodbyes.

So make sure you pepper your conference opening speech with some questions that you can come back to at the end. That’ll help you maintain continuity and make wrapping things up into a more valuable exercise for all.

Helping you write better conference opening speeches

Just let me know how I can help; I can help you get your next conference opening speech together – or give you some feedback on what you’ve already written. Call on 07960 459081 or email at cplomas@hotmail.co.uk.

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