<p>Business anniversary speeches</p>

Business anniversary speeches

A business anniversary speech needs to be more than the contractually obliged bit of talking before the drinking can begin!

The speech for a company anniversary can actually achieve a lot. It can be a great way of reinforcing shared values. It can remind people what they love about the company. It can even acknowledge mistakes and use them as a springboard to a better future.

What kind of work anniversary speech do you need?

I’ll need to get immersed in your company, its history and its culture.

As an outsider, I’ll bring a different perspective to bear. It’s funny how often companies make light of their achievements simply because they’re all so well-known in-house. So it helps to present the most accessible speech for your company anniversary. You need to make it so that anyone wondering in off the street will get caught up in the story and want to listen.

A work anniversary speech is after all, a very human story at heart.

Mix up the emotions in your work anniversary speech

Your speech for your company anniversary can be funny, glib or tongue-in-cheek; it can be emotive, moving and heartfelt. Ideally, it should be a mix of things. Just like the last xx years of your company have been a roller-coaster ride of wild successes and glorious failures, so your speech should try and reflect that.

Take your audience on their own roller coaster ride through the years. Help them get a sense of just how amazing it is that you’re celebrating this anniversary. And make it inclusive – acknowledge the contributions of your audience.

The speech for your company anniversary is a new chapter

Your anniversary isn’t the end of the story. So your business anniversary speech needs to look ahead as well as back. Thread in some new missions, new targets and start some new stories. These are the things you’ll be celebrating in another few years.

It’s time to get everyone involved in making history with you.

Need some help writing your business anniversary speech?

I’m always delighted to help celebrate anniversaries. You don’t even need to invite me to the party afterwards! Just give me a call on 07960 459081 or email: cplomas@hotmail.co.uk for help.

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