<p>Corporate speech writing service</p>

Corporate speech writing service

Corporate speech writing isn’t just about the big key notes, shareholder meetings and product launches…

I’ve been asked to help with motivational speeches, business anniversary speeches, and commemorative speeches for retiring or departing staff members.

Is corporate speech writing really that different?

Writing a good business speech isn’t actually all that different from writing any other kind of speech. (And if there’s a secret that marks out an effective, entertaining business speech from a dull one, that’s it.)

Good corporate speeches should be just as moving, just as funny and just as affecting as any personal speech. More so in fact. It’s easy to win over friends at social occasions. With a business speech you have to work harder.

No more dull business speeches

There are always exceptions, but I can’t think of one business speech that sounds better with the jokes taken out. Or a speech that trawls through the figures at length when there’s a story to be told. Or one that involves PowerPoint!

I promise you that whatever the subject, we can make your speech interesting...

‘Interesting’ doesn’t mean zany or off-the-wall. It means engaging, intriguing and surprising. The more accessible it is, the more you’ll find your audience responds to your warmth and good humour. They’ll be more receptive to whatever you have to say.

Outsourcing corporate speech writing

Outsourcing doesn’t mean surrendering control of your speech.

You’ll receive an outline of the speech for initial approval, a draft extract and then a full draft. You can make any suggestions for changes to be incorporated into a second draft, ready for you to deliver.

Tell me what sort of corporate speech writing service you need…

Give me a call on 07960 459081 or use our contact form to send me your initial ideas.

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