Speechwriting services

Speechwriting services

Corporate and personal speech writing services

What kind of speech do you need?

Here’s a broad guide to the sorts of speeches I’m usually asked to write. But if you’d like to challenge me with something completely different, let me know!

Speech writing services from UK Speechwriter:

Corporate and business speeches

I think we’ve all endured enough dull speeches to last a lifetime. So let’s take a bolder approach: more humour, more drama, more emotional touchpoints and a lot less PowerPoint. . . (read more)

Charity and fundraising speeches

There’s an art to encouraging people to part with their money! Tell the right story to the right people and they’ll respond. . . (read more)

Social speeches including wedding speeches, birthday and anniversary speeches

Audiences love a good speech, confidently delivered. That’s easy for me to say. You’re the one who’s got to get up there and give the speech. So let’s make it a good one. . . (read more)

Speech review and editing services

Writing your own speech is hard; editing it can be even harder. But most speeches need editing and fine tuning. It helps to get an objective speechwriter to do that for you; someone who’s not afraid to wield the red pen!. . . (read more)

What speech writing services do you need?

Whether it’s an hour-long key note speech or an eleventh hour emergency speech, just let me know how I can help.

Give me a call on 07960 459081 or email cplomas@hotmail.co.uk

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