<p>What do you want from your business speechwriter?</p>

What do you want from your business speechwriter?

If you’re already thinking about hiring a speechwriter, then you'll already understand the potential benefits. Not just big savings in terms of your time and effort, but potentially big rewards too. (And affirmation for your speech is always such a good motivator for the next one.)

Inevitably, there are a few things to bear in mind before you choose your business speechwriter. I’ve identified some of the 'biggies' here, but I’ll be happy to add to the list if you've got any further ideas...

What should you look for in a business speechwriter?

If you’re in pharmacovigilance industry, you might want to look for a pharma-speechwriting specialist. You might even find one if you’re lucky. But, eight times out of ten, you won’t need to.

Relevant experience may be useful, but is by no means essential. I knew nothing at all about laryngectomy products, the Association of South East Asian Nations or, indeed, pharmacovigilance, but I’ve written successful speeches about all of them.

I suggest that general speechwriting experience is more useful than relevant experience.

It helps if your business speechwriter is a good storyteller

Good speeches don’t have to tell a story. But they probably need to affect your audience in some way.

Your speech can take them on a journey and lead them to an unexected or inspiring conclusion - just like a story.

Your business speechwriter should be the one you feel most comfortable working with

You don’t have to meet your speechwriter. Nor do you have to stay in touch when the job is done! But, for the duration of the work, you really do have to be able to get on with each other.

I really can’t emphasise this enough.

As well as making for a better working relationship, it means your speechwriter will feel able to ask you the questions they need to ask to get to grips with the speech you need. And, if anything isn’t working out quite right, you’ll both be able to discuss it with mutual respect and patience.

It doesn’t happen often, but I will admit there have been a couple of times in my working life when the supplier/client relationship just hasn’t clicked. I think you can usually tell quite quickly too. So if you get the feeling that this isn’t going to work – for whatever reason – say so. You’ll save yourself a lot of bother.

Choosing your business speechwriter is just like choosing any other provider

You need the reassurance that they can deliver what you’re asking for – at the right price. So ask yourself:

If the answer’s yes, then I think you’ll have found your ideal business speechwriter.

But if you’re having any problems, do let me know. You can give me a call on 0115 8284986 or use the UK Speechwriter contact form.


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