<p>The life of a freelance speechwriter</p>

The life of a freelance speechwriter

Working as a freelance speechwriter means being open to all sorts of possibilities. I never quite know who I’m going to be working for next. And that’s exciting. But of course the downside of being a freelancer (as opposed to an agency speechwriter) is that I never quite know when the next job is going to come along. And that’s why this freelance speechwriter sometimes ‘moonlights’ as a copywriter.

Freelance speechwriter by day, copywriter by night?

I started out as a copywriter, so I know the ropes. And now I end up using a lot of the same skills in both roles. For example, I'm glad I put in the hours on tone of voice projects for retail and corporate brands as a copywriter; it's helped me modify my speeches to reflect the different styles and voices of some diverse organisations as a freelance speechwriter.

Freelancers are lucky in that we get to write for lots of different clients. As well as the variety that brings, it means there’s no need for a ‘house style’. Every project is different and demands its own unique style to appeal to every audience. That’s all part of the fun of being freelance.

Putting every speech in a broader context

Another advantage of being a sometime-copywriter is that it gives me a broader perspective. Not only do I get to work with a wider spread of clients, but I get to work on lots of different kinds of projects. And I get to experience all sides of a company’s marketing requirements – of which promotional speechwriting and key notes are just a part.

Being called upon to craft white papers, product copy and case studies all helps to remind me of the broader requirements of every business. And that’s a great lesson for every speechwriter – it helps put every speech in context. It helps your speechwriter to join the dots between many levels of your marketing and promotional activity.

From my own experience, I can safely say that it helps me ask more of the right questions. I look at every speech as one part of a broader process. So I’ll want to know how your speech fits into all these other elements of your business. Context is everything.

The pragmatic freelancer

Working as a freelance speechwriter and copywriter isn’t any kind of compromise. For me it’s a pragmatic choice. Although I see myself as a speechwriter first and foremost – I know that every copywriting job I take on can benefit my life as a freelance speechwriter.

If you'd like to discuss a freelance speechwriting project, please get in touch via the UK Speechwriter contact form, or give me a call on 0115 8284986.


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