<p>Ghost speechwriting ...</p>

<p>... Who can you trust to write your speeches?</p>

Ghost speechwriting ...

... Who can you trust to write your speeches?

Why should you consider outsourcing the work of writing your next speech? After all, you know your business, you know what you want to say; you could write the speech yourself…

… If only you had the time.

And it really does take time – a lot of time – to research, plan, write, revise and practice your speech.

That’s why, mundane as it might sound, the single, biggest reason to outsource the job of writing your speech is to save time.

But it’s not the only reason...

Here are four more reasons to hire a speech writer for your next speech

1. A good speech writer is a master of tone of voice; they’ll make sure your speech stays true to your company’s tone of voice and brand values.

2. Good speech writers understand the power of simplicity – a clear, cogent message will have a bigger impact. Oh, and speeches that are easy to read are much easier to deliver convincingly too.

3. It’s not just what you say, it’s when you say it – good speeches hit all the right beats at all the right moments.

4. Good speeches are always audience-specific; make sure your audience knows you’re talking their language.

What makes a great speech?

We’ll let your audience be the judge of that.

But we can say this – don’t just judge a speech writer by the quality of their words, judge them by the quality of the feedback you get after you’ve delivered their speech. Judge them by the orders, interest and ovations…

Speech writing help and advice from a ghostwriter

I can give you the specialised speech writing service you need. Just give me a call on 0115 8284986 and tell me what you’re looking for. Or check out the speechwriting services page for a more detailed guide to business, social and charity speeches from UK Speechwriter.


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