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<p>Do you need to hire a speechwriter?</p>


Do you need to hire a speechwriter?

Believe me, I do understand... Making that decision to hire a speechwriter, rather than writing your speech yourself may feel like a compromise.

Hopefully I can disabuse you of that notion. Having worked as a speechwriter for several years, I can give you plenty of good reasons why hiring a speechwriter makes all sorts of sense. You’d expect me to say that of course. So how about I use this opportunity to suggest some reasons why hiring a speechwriter makes practical sense for the clients I’ve worked with.

Hire a speechwriter – save time

"Sounds really good. Thanks for all the patience needed at your end to get this together."

For most of my clients, the single benefit of hiring a speechwriter is to save themselves a lot of time.

Now I know that, in an ideal world, you’d probably write your own speeches. But the reality is, you haven’t got the time.

If you’ve written your own speeches before, then you already know we’re not just talking about the time it takes to actually sit down and write the damn thing. To start with, there’s all the thinking time. As soon as you know you have to write it, the thought of it will infect your every idle moment, nagging you, compelling you to get started! Your very own elephant in the room.

You’ll need to factor in all the planning you’ll have to do – and any necessary research. Then there’ll be a second draft. Maybe even a third draft…

Tot it all up and it very quickly turns into a lot more time than you’ve got to spare over the next few months. Days and days of effort that’ll feel more like weeks of work.

Hire a speechwriter to do it all for you and you can get rid of that nagging voice in your head, and get on with your life.

Get in good and early (as far in advance of speech day as possible) and your speechwriter can get your speech back to you early enough for you to live with it, learn it and practice it.

Can your speechwriter cope with your industry?

"You have highlighted the sorts of things that we sometimes miss."

It’s one of the questions I get asked the most. While some speechwriters do specialise in a specific industry, many more don’t. And that’s absolutely fine. Because you’re not looking for an expert in your field; you want a talented speechwriter.

Talented speechwriters tend to be very good researchers as well as excellent writers. They’re also inquisitive types who understand the sorts of questions they need to ask you or your colleagues to winkle out the insight they need to write your speech.

So, when you hire a speechwriter you’ll get their research and investigative skills as part of the package.

Your speechwriter will help you say all the right things to all the right people

"Brilliant. This really suits what I'm trying to achieve. You've hit the right tone."

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

The words you deliver need to sound authentic and convincing. And you can’t have one without the other.

Your audience expects you to sound like you know what you’re talking about. That shouldn’t be a problem, this is your industry. Your stomping ground. So you can take confidence in your expertise. But they’ll also want you to make them sit up and take notice. Hire a speechwriter and they can help you do that. That’s their expertise.

Again, research is crucial. Before they write a word of your speech, your speechwriter will talk to you about the occasion and the audience. Then they’ll do everything they can to write a speech that’ll fit that specific occasion and that particular audience.

Speechwriters know how to make everything that little bit more interesting

“You’ve taken something boring and made it interesting!”

I love it when, after the event, clients tell me that I managed to make something boring sound interesting. That usually means they’ve had some great feedback from their audience.

Hiring a speechwriter to write your speech makes it easy to invest every speech with interest. Partly that’s because we’re schooled in the tools of the trade – techniques that build tension and inspire interest.

But it also helps that your speechwriter can take an objective view. A little bit of objective detachment lets us look on your business from afar and see it differently to you and your colleagues and customers. And that immediately helps us put a new and interesting spin on things.

Hire a speechwriter who understands what you need

"This is great - lots of personalty... just what we hoped for."

If after all this you’re ready to take the plunge and hire a speechwriter, I’d be delighted to hear from you. Give me a call on 0115 8284986, or get in touch via the UK Speechwriter contact form.

Still not sure?

I’ve put together a guide to the speechwriting process that will help you see what sort of service you’ll get for your money.


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