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Speech bubbles – the UK Speechwriter blog

Posts from: February 2016

Ten tips that’ll make your next business speech easier to write and deliver

While there’s no substitute for putting the hours in to fashion a great speech, there are plenty of things you can do to make the whole process a bit easier. These are my top tips. And if you’ve got any tried-and-trusted techniques of your own, do please let me know… 1. Eliminate any uncertainty The single biggest drain on your time will ... Read More

Harness your power to write!

Sometimes people tell me they can’t write. And, as a professional speechwriter I’m torn when I hear them say that. On the one hand, I get a momentary surge of pride. Yay, I think. I’m providing a unique service. I’m on a par with astronauts and brain surgeons… But then reality sets in. And that’s when I tell them the truth… Anyone can write. Speechw... Read More


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