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Posts from: June 2015

What does your audience want from your speech?

Your audience wants you to make the next however many minutes of their lives interesting or entertaining in some way. But of course they’ll all have different criteria for being entertained. You’ll need to challenge some of them, surprise others, and keep the rest of them awake… The best way to deliver a speech they’ll really enjoy is to tailor your speech to your audien... Read More

How to make an interesting speech

People often ask, “How do I make my speech interesting?” For many speakers, it’s the uncertainty about just how interesting their speech is that sets their nerves jangling. So if you can give your listeners something that’ll keep their attention piqued, you can dispel a few hundred butterflies worth of nerves into the bargain. The usual advice... Read More

Using humour in speeches

Using humour in speeches is a great way of presenting yourself as friendly and accessible. The right joke, at the right time, can break down barriers. A shared joke will help individuals feel at one within a group. That’s a great state for your audience to be in when you speak to them. But the wrong joke… … You’ve probably seen the impact that a poorly timed joke, or wor... Read More

The DIY guide to writing speeches

Here’s an at-a-glance guide to writing a speech. We’ll review some of the simplest techniques you can use when you’re writing a speech. Most of these ideas are interchangeable. They’ll help you with a key note presentation, an award speech or a wedding speech. You don’t have to use all of these ideas, just pick and choose what works for you. W... Read More

A speechwriting case study - the 'no-brief' speech

The speechwriting process usually starts with a briefing. Either in phone or in person. I’ll talk to the client about their ideas and expectations. In the process, I’ll get a sense of their priorities, and a feel for the required tone of voice. That helps me outline a structure, sample pages, and then a complete first draft. But the speechwriting process doesn’t have to work like ... Read More


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