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Posts from: December 2015

Unique speech writing tips inspired by your favourite things

Speech writing tips from Test Match Special (no cricketing insight required) I love Test Match Special (TMS). For those of you who don’t know, TMS is one of those peculiarly English institutions. Basically, you get a revolving door cast of ex-cricketers and commentators witling on for five days straight about pigeons, busses, the merits of cakes and cranes – oh, and... Read More

Memorable speeches are made of this

Last time, I wrote about speech ghostwriting. This time, I just want to talk about ghosts! At Christmas, I enjoy reading Chris Priestley’s evocative ghost stories. Never mind the speechwriting guides, I think you can lear... Read More

Speech ghostwriting - can you really trust someone to write your speeches for you?

Why should you consider outsourcing the work of writing your next speech? After all, you know your business, you know what you want to say; you could write the speech yourself… … If only you had the time. And it really does take time – a lot of time – to research, plan, write, revise and practice your speech. That’s why, mundane as it might sound, the single, b... Read More

An example of a speech... with thanks to Ed Wood

An example of a speech I’m often asked to provide examples of speeches I’ve written. This isn’t always possible because of the kinds of speeches I usually write. Most of them are ‘white label’ speeches – commissions where I’m ghostwriting a speech for someone else. But occasionally, I get to write a speech for myself. So here’s an example of a sp... Read More


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