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Speech bubbles – the UK Speechwriter blog

Ten tips that’ll make your next business speech easier to write and deliver

While there’s no substitute for putting the hours in to fashion a great speech, there are plenty of things you can do to make the whole process a bit easier. These are my top tips. And if you’ve got any tried-and-trusted techniques of your own, do please let me know… 1. Eliminate any uncertainty The single biggest drain on your time will ... Read More

Harness your power to write!

Sometimes people tell me they can’t write. And, as a professional speechwriter I’m torn when I hear them say that. On the one hand, I get a momentary surge of pride. Yay, I think. I’m providing a unique service. I’m on a par with astronauts and brain surgeons… But then reality sets in. And that’s when I tell them the truth… Anyone can write. Speechw... Read More

You don't have to be a great speechwriter to write a great speech

If you have to write a speech this should help: Simple step-by-step instructions to make the whole process that little bit easier. Do let me know if you find it useful. Oh, and if you'd like a copy in a bigger size, just drop me a line using the UK Speechwriter contact form. ... Read More

Anyone looking for a speach writer?

Are you looking for a speach writer or a speech writer? Every month, more than 22,000 people who want to find speechwriting services online, search for ‘speach’ instead of ‘speech’. Speach and 199 other tricky words So if you’re here because you entered ‘speach’ instead of speech, you’re not alone. Not by a long chalk. In fact, a ... Read More

Can social media help you write a better eulogy?

Once so tight lipped and reserved about death, a change has come over the British. It started with Diana. Suddenly people actually wanted to talk about their feelings in the wake of her death! These days hardly a month goes by without some public display of grief on social media. As a nation we seem to be so much more in tune with our feelings about death. Histo... Read More

A rough guide to speechwriting rates in the UK

Here's a not-at-all definitive - but hopefully useful - guide to speechwriting rates. (Written from the perspective of a freelance speechwriter working in the UK.) Some speechwriters stick to a set fee. This is often based on a price-per-minute of your speech. But others are prepared to negotiate over price; I prefer to build a bit of flexibility into my pricing, so that I can adjust my... Read More

Seriously, why use a speech writer when you can do it yourself?

Why use a speech writer when you can do it yourself? It's a good question. And to answer it, here's an extract from a speech I gave at Southwell Business Club in Nottinghamshire. Sometimes you need a specialist… And I’m here today to tell you that professional business writing of any kind is a specialism. Even though it migh... Read More

Come along the UK Speechwriters' and Business Commuicators' Conference

“We cannot be intimidated by the tyranny of a blank page!” Taking the advice of Frasier Crane, I try to fill in as much of my new diary as I possibly can before the promise of the New Year wears off. One date that always jumps out at me is the annual Speechwriters’ and Business Communicators’ Conference, organised by speechwriter, Brian Jenner of the UK Speechwriters’ ... Read More

What do you want from your business speechwriter?

If you’re already thinking about hiring a speechwriter, then you'll already understand the potential benefits. Not just big savings in terms of your time and effort, but potentially big rewards too. (And affirmation for your speech is always such a good motivator for the next one.) Inevitably, there are a few things to bear in mind before you choose your business speechwriter. I’ve ... Read More

Do you need to hire a speechwriter?

Believe me, I do understand... Making that decision to hire a speechwriter, rather than writing your speech yourself may feel like a compromise. Hopefully I can disabuse you of that notion. Having worked as a speechwriter for several years, I can give you plenty of good reasons why hiring a speechwriter makes all sorts of sense. You’d expect me to say that of course.... Read More

How to write your speech for the ears (with a little help from Charles Dickens)

Dickensian tips on writing a speech for the ears. Watching the BBC’s Dickensian with its entertaining admixture of characters from all over the (Old Curiosity) shop reminds me of a speechwriting truth: Always write your speech for the ears. Dickens’ stories demanded to be read out loud. They’re ripe with exquisite detail and sensuous world... Read More

The life of a freelance speechwriter

Working as a freelance speechwriter means being open to all sorts of possibilities. I never quite know who I’m going to be working for next. And that’s exciting. But of course the downside of being a freelancer (as opposed to an agency speechwriter) is that I never quite know when the next job is going to come along. And that’s why this freelance speechwriter sometimes ‘moonlig... Read More

Unique speech writing tips inspired by your favourite things

Speech writing tips from Test Match Special (no cricketing insight required) I love Test Match Special (TMS). For those of you who don’t know, TMS is one of those peculiarly English institutions. Basically, you get a revolving door cast of ex-cricketers and commentators witling on for five days straight about pigeons, busses, the merits of cakes and cranes – oh, and... Read More

Memorable speeches are made of this

Last time, I wrote about speech ghostwriting. This time, I just want to talk about ghosts! At Christmas, I enjoy reading Chris Priestley’s evocative ghost stories. Never mind the speechwriting guides, I think you can lear... Read More

Speech ghostwriting - can you really trust someone to write your speeches for you?

Why should you consider outsourcing the work of writing your next speech? After all, you know your business, you know what you want to say; you could write the speech yourself… … If only you had the time. And it really does take time – a lot of time – to research, plan, write, revise and practice your speech. That’s why, mundane as it might sound, the single, b... Read More

An example of a speech... with thanks to Ed Wood

An example of a speech I’m often asked to provide examples of speeches I’ve written. This isn’t always possible because of the kinds of speeches I usually write. Most of them are ‘white label’ speeches – commissions where I’m ghostwriting a speech for someone else. But occasionally, I get to write a speech for myself. So here’s an example of a sp... Read More

Writing a political speech? Take some tips from the business world

Writing a political speech isn’t necessarily a very different discipline to writing a business or fundraising speech. Speech writers of all persuasions use rhetoric to convey their ideas effectively. It’s the foundation of any speech. So while the language of a political speech might sound a little different to the language of a business speech (possibly by focusing more on... Read More

What does your audience want from your speech?

Your audience wants you to make the next however many minutes of their lives interesting or entertaining in some way. But of course they’ll all have different criteria for being entertained. You’ll need to challenge some of them, surprise others, and keep the rest of them awake… The best way to deliver a speech they’ll really enjoy is to tailor your speech to your audien... Read More

How to make an interesting speech

People often ask, “How do I make my speech interesting?” For many speakers, it’s the uncertainty about just how interesting their speech is that sets their nerves jangling. So if you can give your listeners something that’ll keep their attention piqued, you can dispel a few hundred butterflies worth of nerves into the bargain. The usual advice... Read More

Using humour in speeches

Using humour in speeches is a great way of presenting yourself as friendly and accessible. The right joke, at the right time, can break down barriers. A shared joke will help individuals feel at one within a group. That’s a great state for your audience to be in when you speak to them. But the wrong joke… … You’ve probably seen the impact that a poorly timed joke, or wor... Read More

The DIY guide to writing speeches

Here’s an at-a-glance guide to writing a speech. We’ll review some of the simplest techniques you can use when you’re writing a speech. Most of these ideas are interchangeable. They’ll help you with a key note presentation, an award speech or a wedding speech. You don’t have to use all of these ideas, just pick and choose what works for you. W... Read More

A speechwriting case study - the 'no-brief' speech

The speechwriting process usually starts with a briefing. Either in phone or in person. I’ll talk to the client about their ideas and expectations. In the process, I’ll get a sense of their priorities, and a feel for the required tone of voice. That helps me outline a structure, sample pages, and then a complete first draft. But the speechwriting process doesn’t have to work like ... Read More

Eleven tips to help you learn a speech

There’s no other way around this I’m afraid…learning a speech just takes practise. Lots and lots of practise. These tips will help... Want to learn a speech? It’s easy on paper Print your speech at a nice big size. Try font 16. It makes the words easy to read. Then split it up into approximately 100 words a page. 100 words a minute is ... Read More


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