Why work with a
professional speech writer?

Why work with a
professional speech writer?

You know working with a professional speech writer will save you time and effort. But that's the least you should expect..

A great speech will help you achieve more, personally and professionally

A professionally-written speech, properly delivered, can bring you the respect of friends, peers and employers. It can raise your profile.

With a great speech to fire up your confidence, you might even be able to relax and enjoy the occasion! It’s empowering up there at the podium or Top Table; seeing your audience respond so positively: smiling, nodding, and laughing in all the right places. (Their applause is a great confidence booster too!)

Professionally, your speech can do more for your company than any other piece of marketing you’ll ever invest in. It can shift expectations. Your speech can inspire, motivate and challenge your audience.

A professional speech writer will help you think differently about your speech

Your speech writer will help you align what you need to say with what your audience wants to hear. They’ll tailor your speech to your audience’s expectations; they’ll write in a way that keeps their interest and focus.

If your speech is the right combination of interesting, surprising, challenging and emotive, your audience will stay with you, right to the end.

Couldn’t you do it yourself?

You know your business, you know what you want to say; of course you could write the speech yourself… if you had the time.

And speech writing does take time. Even before you start writing, you have to research it and plan it. Then you have to edit, edit some more, and go on fine-tuning it ‘till it trips off the tongue.

Don’t limit your ambitions just because you haven’t got the time to develop your ideas. With some help from a professional speech writer, you can deliver a wide-ranging speech that does you and your audience justice.

Talk to me to find out how I can help

You can brief me to write a speech for you, or I can help you develop and polish an existing speech.

Give me a call on 07960 459081 or use the UK Speechwriter contact form to tell me more about what you need.

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